Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Waiting on word...

It has been a while since I've posted anything. The summer has flown past, its weather volatile and far too unpredictable. Now autumn presents itself the same way: one day balmy and appealing, the next coating us in wet snow or freezing rain.

I've been busy writing, squashing deadlines for writing projects in around my day job - recently completed a dark mainstream short story collection called 'Dark Heart'; it is composed of six short stories and one novella.

I'm waiting on word back on many writing projects; a novel with an agent in NYC, another with a mid-sized publishing house; still others are short stories circulated to independent magazines, some as far back as last mid-July...uh-huh - but then, a four to five month wait on a reply isn't unusual. It is simply a gift when the replies come sooner.

Snail mail is something wonderful, yet becoming increasingly rare. Electronic mail is fun, snappy, and definately efficient, but nothing can beat the tangible feel and sight of an 'actual letter' in the mail box. That's the nice part about being a writer, even if too many of those S.A.S.E's contain a 'no thanks, this isn't quite for us' style of reply. It's pure marketing. If one can't use a piece of work, you simply try the next potential on your list.

So now we head into the drizzly, fleece-required, autumnal weather. Today rain blows agains the attic windows, moving along the glass in steady rivulets of near-freezing water. The sky is morose, its clouds closer than usual. Most of the color in the landscape has blanched to recent winds, leaves having been knocked from their host trees (what a beautific sight a few weeks ago, traipsing in the woods while leaves canopied and see-sawed with each gust). Now branches are bare, grasping veins against the sky. While walking the other evening, I noticed a few homes already displaying outdoor festive lights for the approaching holidays. Against the dark night pinpricks of green, red, white, blue, and yellow create a sense of home and hospitality.

When the rain stops, I'll put my own lights up outdoors. In the meantime, I sit inside and create new stories; venture out to the mail box and peek inside; write more stories. It is a cycle, a most wonderful cycle despite its occasional frustrations, and one which I cannot think of existing without.

Happy Holidays. I hope to post something again before December - if time permits.