Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The First Post

I decided to take my friend, Mark's advice, and consider setting up a blog. It's about time I became more adept at these sorts of things, as well as allowing a neat setup for some on-line musings.

For those of you new to my blog, I'm a writer. I've written/published primarily in the Horror (often otherwise known as 'Dark Fantasy'), Crime, Speculative genres for over a decade now. Recently I've turned more of my attention to that often ambiguous category known as 'mainstream' fiction, often with a more literary bent. I'm excited about this new direction. I wrote, polished, and recently submitted some short literary fiction to some of Canada's magazine markets. Now I sit back, fingers crossed when not pounding the keyboard, and anticipate the arrival of mail in the form of SASE's. With luck, some of the responses will be positive. After having spent the last three years dedicated to writing several books, I am now turning some of my attention back to short fiction while balancing novel writing with everything else going on in my life.

Thank you, Mark for informing me about the blog site. Mark's an incredible writer and a good friend. I've had the honour of having some of my work published with him in the form of collaborated stories, including in his recent and intriguing short fiction collection "One Hand Screaming".

Soon I will attempt to load some photos via a new digital camera.

Today, the sun is shining so will sit out on the porch and muse over some writing, long-hand. Some of the best ideas often start with pencil to scrap paper.

When the writing's done, I'll take some of my animals, including boxer dog, and pet fancy rats outside for some sun and fresh air. My pocket pets are a chunk of my inspiration.

For those of you who have never considered them as pets: fancy rats make wonderful pets. Clean, intelligent, dedicated, easy to care for re: general maintenance. Consider a pair at some point (they live best in pairs or groups).

Current writing projects: (Complete, or in-the-works)

Have recently completed a mainstream/literary narrative non-fiction humorous memoir which I have begun to circulate. It is called 'The Cigarette'.

I have a completed, contemporary werewolf novel called 'Waiting on the Wolf' that I've also begun to circulate.

A completed Canadian thriller about a biochemist who uses the rare poison from a Colombian dart frog to incapacitate and murder his victims while masking the toxicology results by blending heroin with the amphibian toxin - the name of the novel: Terribilis

A collection of short, dark literary fiction (in-the-works) called 'Dark Heart', which will include a novella and between seven to perhaps ten short stories by the time I've completed this work. Short fiction set in Canada. Completion goal: by no later than December 2005, possibly sooner.

Other: several new novel ideas still being sketched out. I like having several projects on the go at all times.

Signing out for now.